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People in/near Porland, OR with ED's
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Welcome to portland_eds, a place where people who live in/near Portland, Oregon can come and support one another through whatever eating disorder they may have. All are welcome - recovered or not. I hope that throughout time, we will all get to know one another, and have a "meet" one day, where we all get to meet one another in person. Perhaps it will become a monthly thing. We'll see how well this community goes :)

1. Before joining you must read ALL of the rules below. This is for your protection.
2. All triggering material MUST be labelled and put behind a cut. If you have a question about whether or not it is triggering, put a triggering label on it anyways. It's better to be safe than sorry.
3. Please don't post "thinspiration." While this place is for support of people who are in all stages of their eating disorder, "pro" anything is not acceptable. I don't believe people can just get an eating disorder. Plus, why would anyone want this? Other pictures are allowed.
4. Please be respectful of all the members here. You will be banned immediately if you decide to go off on someone. If you're upset with someone, let me know ASAP and I will deal with it.
5. To join the community, first join, then go to the members only post and prove to me that you live in/near Portland. People who live anywhere in the NW are welcome here. It can be a picture, the street by the riverfront, today's newspaper, your phone number, whatever! I want this community to be safe and honest.
6. And finally! Please post an introduction post when you are accepted in. Tell us your name, location, age, what you struggle with, what you do, etc. Let us get to know you!